Monday May 25, 2015

Don’t expect anyone to help you lose waist fat

No one helps you lose waist fat

Why aren’t people more supportive of your efforts to get rid of love handles and burn off your ugly waist fat?

Surely your nearest and dearest should be happy to help and support you in your tough quest for a better body, a healthier lifestyle, a happier and more active you?

You would really think so, wouldn’t you?

Well, I used to think so too, till I got very successful at burning off my waist fat and ditching my loose belly fat.

The more fat I lost, the less helpful and happy many people around me seemed to be. People you would not expect put a downer on my fat loss successes!

The obese checkout chick who told me every week at the supermarket that I might as well give up now – she knew that it was impossible to lose fat and keep it off.

My “concerned” parents – I just didn’t look the same as I used to. Surely I was getting too thin? Wasn’t I tired of all those time consuming fitness programs? Didn’t I want a nice big slice of my favourite cake, made especially for my visit?

My (ex) best friend – why could she not be happy for me as I got rid of my love handles and started to look younger, more vibrant, self assured and totally toned?

Have a listen to my podcast for a couple of minutes to find out exactly why many of your close family, friends and coworkers may not support you as expected when you try to get rid of love handles.

You will lose your waist fat anyway when you put your mind to it; you don’t actually need support (though it would be more than nice).

All you really need is self confidence and here’s how you are going to get it.



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Announcement: Help Me help you burn waist fat

You know, people want to get rid of love handles for a variety of reasons.

How you go about burning your waist fat depends a lot on what you want to achieve and what you are prepared to do to reach your goal.

You have to be honest to yourself about where you are now and where you want to be before we can work out how to get you there.

You have to be strong enough to identify and admit to the big issues and problems you have encountered so far in trying to burn waist fat (and other body fat).

You need to acknowledge where you are lacking in understanding and enthusiasm. Only then can you move forward and get the body you really want.

Noone succeeds without a plan. Mind you a plan has to be achieveable and flexible to avoid bitter disappointment.

Where lots of folk fail to melt off waist fat

Whether they want to get rid of love handles and fit into slimline clothes or whether they want to shave off every last morsel of ab fat to look amazing on the beach or in the bedroom, if a person’s weight loss plan is flawed, it will not work.

If your plan is vague or hopeful or half-hearted or too tough for the maddest gym rat, then it cannot be done.

I have put together a simple and painless fat loss survey to find out where you are coming from with your desire to shake that loose belly fat, tone up and look great.

It will take you just a couple of minutes to complete my survey, but it will give me a fantastic insight into what you need from me to help you get rid of love handles and ditch your waist fat forever.

Be brave. Do the survey – it won’t hurt a bit.

Thanks for taking the time to keep me informed so I can address your fat loss needs.

Talk to you soon.


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Announcement: Cardio or Weight Training to Fight Waist Fat?

That old question, cardio or weights to get rid of love handles?

Cardio or weight training for ab fat? What’s going to burn off your waist fat faster and give you permanent fat loss?

Opinions are of course divided and if you want to tone up and drop weight, the best place to start is just walking your butt off.

However, if you do a routine that mixes up cardio and weights in a single workout you’ll want to know.

Cardio first or weights first.

And if you look around any gym, you’ll see heaps of people obviously getting it wrong.

Very wrong.

What are people getting wrong at the gym re their loose belly fat?

Well, it comes down 3 very basic things.

Firstly, they are not following a program of exercise to suit their natural body type (somatotype), but hopping around from machine to machine just having a bit of a puff and raising a little sweat over machines that look interesting or easy.

Related to this, they are not considering their purpose for exercising. Folk who want to lose belly fat and gain impressive muscle mass need a very different workout than people who want to burn off waist fat and look lean and toned.

Secondly, many people in the gym use poor form. They cheat their workout without even realising it by going fast and furious with the weights or by setting long or even short distance cardio at such a pitifully low rate that they burn barely any calories.

Thirdly, heaps of people you will see in the gym who have a program of cardio + weights in a single workout do their cardio first and follow that up with their weight training program.

Why might cardio first be a bad idea to get rid of love handles?

Have a listen to my latest podcast for a couple of minutes to find out. You can also visit my website for more health and fitness information. The smarter you can work out, the less hard it will be for you to get rid of love handles.

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Announcement: 3 Little Known Fat Loss Tips from my hairdresser

My hairdresser is a serial dieter

The starve yourself all day and exercise manically till you drop type dieter.

She has treated her body very badly in the years I have known her and has been “rewarded” for quite some time with a slim, but gaunt and starved appearance.

Now, in her mid 50s, she is becoming increasingly chubby and she tells me she is desperate to lose waist fat.

She thought that there was no way she could do more than keep to her spartan routine of many years and was totally confounded that she was steadily putting weight on, including the dreaded loose belly fat, with the tiny amount she ate and the huge amount she exercised.

Long runs on the beach several times a day coupled with a few meagre pieces of fruit for lunch and a vegetable pasta for dinner had kept her slim for a long time.

And now, it no longer worked.

She had no idea how she could stop this waist fat relentlessly creeping across her midsection or how this could be happening at all. She had always eaten so little and burned so many calories.

But the other day, she found out 3 little known fat loss tips when she visited her son in Sydney. Her son’s boss was in the habit of taking him to the gym and from this clued up guy, my hairdresser learned 3 things that will make her slim again.

Not just slim, but brimming with energy she has never experienced before, because let’s face it, if you keep your ab fat off by starving yourself and working out like a headless chicken, you are going to have no energy for anything else in your day. You are no way going to look your best and you are going to feel totally flat.

Listen to my podcast for a couple of minutes to find out what my hairdresser learned from someone who understands how to get rid of love handles.

For more simple tips to get rid of love handles, visit my website.





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Announcement: A Personal Question about your waist fat


This is not a question you’d expect

But it has an awful lot to do with whether you are going to get rid of love handles. It’s both personal and very pertinent.

What you eat is what you are

And what you excrete is testimony to the reality of how your diet affects your body.

If you eat irregularly, bingeing or starving, if you eat mainly fatty and sugary junk, your body is not going to function at all well and your waist fat is destined not to budge.

The proof of how well you eat is in your bowel movements.

In respect to how often you “go”, how easy or difficult the bowel movement is and in the appearance of your stools.

If you are not having an easy, firm bowel movement at least once a day, then you need to change your diet. You need a more high fiber diet.

Good bowel health depends on you eating enough fiber (and drinking enough water).

The excellent side effect of eating enough fiber for your loose belly fat is that fiber attaches itself to fat and takes fat out with it.

Fiber helps to boost your metabolism and gets you feeling much better about yourself so that you are more eager and able to exercise regularly.

Fiber makes you feel fuller longer and so fights food cravings.

You need to consider what to eat to increase your fiber intake so your body functions at an optimal level, especially while you are striving to get rid of love handles.

Have a listen to my personal question podcast for just a couple of minutes to learn what you need to know about this very important but often neglected health and fat loss issue.

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Announcement: A Good Reason to get rid of love handles

You need a really good reason to lose waist fat

How are you going to burn off your loose belly fat if you don’t have a good reason? Time and again, people start out on a diet to get rid of love handles once and for all.

Often they are enthusiastic and full of excellent intentions about changes to diet, starting a comprehensive exercise routine, fitting into skinny jeans and dreaming of success.

Unfortunately, most people who embark on a diet or exercise program to lose ab fat (or any other type of fat) are doomed to fail.


Why do people fail to get rid of love handles and other horrible body fat?

Basically they fail to lose fat simply because they fail to plan.

In order for any major change to work for you in any aspect of your life, you have to have a plan and stick to it. Enthusiasm without a diet and exercise plan will not work. A diet and exercise program without enthusiasm and commitment will likewise fall in a big flabby heap!

To develop a diet and fitness plan to get rid of love handles, you need a good reason to lose fat.

What’s a good reason for you? Listen to my A Good Reason podcast for a couple of minutes and get some inspiration.


How do you put together a fat loss plan that will work for you?

Start by reading my diet programs page and the information I have written for you about fitness programs. Information is empowerment and that means success for your fat loss program.

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Announcement: Want Power Before Willpower to Lose Waist Fat

get rid of love handles

Burn your waist fat using “want power”.  The willpower to get rid of love handles will soon follow on.

I was re-reading an oldie but a goodie a little while ago.  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Education of a Bodybuilder.  Written over 30 years ago, it is a surprisingly easy and entertaining read; having both human interest value and some really good general motivational tips.

The book details how Schwarzenegger developed the intense focus he needed to make it to the very top of the bodybuilding world and to stay at the top till he retired, inspiring others around him with his attitude and industry.

Now, most of us do not aspire to be super athletes.  We just aspire to lose belly fat and maybe get   some ab definition.  These are great fat loss goals in themselves that take quite some focus to achieve.

These fairly humble personal weight loss goals cannot be reached without what Schwarzenegger terms “want power”. He believes that willpower cannot work without it.

What he means is that to lose fat and get rid of love handles you need to really really want it.

More than you want to finish the whole packet of cookies.  More than you want a restful little lie down on the sofa every evening.

You have to want to change more than you want to stay the same. Once you develop the want power, the willpower to achieve your fat loss goals will happen.

Listen to my latest short podcast, maintain your focus, to help you work on your want power and get rid of love handles.

I’ll keep right on encouraging you, but in the end, for you to ditch your waist fat, you have to want it enough.

Go on, do it. You know you want it.



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Announcement: Eat Breakfast to Lose Waist Fat

If you are serious to get rid of love handles and burn that waist fat off starting right now, you have to commit to eating breakfast. Every day. Plan and prepare for it and just do it.

If you have to get up a whole 5-10 minutes earlier to eat breakfast, really just do it. Breakfast will boost your metabolism and get your body working for you, not against you so the waist fat wil drop off.

More importantly, that waist fat will not sneak back on, but stay off if you eat and exercise right.

The place to start is, you guessed it – breakfast.

People who eat a good balanced breakfast every day are much more likely to

  • Lose fat
  • Have energy to last the whole day
  • Keep lost weight off forever
  • Live a longer and healthier life
  • Look and feel more attractive

It’s simple. You don’t have to buy into programs or supplements or follow fads or starve yourself.

Eat breakfast today and every day and burn off that ugly waist fat.

Listen to my short podcast to discover what I eat for breakfast, 5 days a week and to get the recipe.

It’s easy to prepare, full of good carbs, good fats and lean protein. Just what you need to start the day right to get rid of love handles.

If you can’t follow my “strange” Oz accent, you are not alone. I got an email recently asking what ingredient “hollards” is, umm… it’s actually whole oats.

I’ll work on my diction. You work on your breakfast!

Visit my website for more info on a simple diet plan that will work for your lifestyle.

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Announcement: How to live to be 101

Recently I saw a really interesting health show on the Australian “cultural” channel, SBS.

It was about how to live to be 101 and older and it featured 3 groups of people with some similarities that we who want to get rid of love handles can learn from.

All 3 groups were fit, healthy and very active. For different reasons.

How do these people live to be 101 and older?

Well one group, though long lived, really could do with a change of diet to get rid of love handles. A Sardinian family group who shared “good genes” lived well and long, despite their traditional “peasant style” diet.

They worked hard physically but some waist fat was still in evidence.

Mind you, none of them were obese with great big wobbly rolls of ab fat in the way that is all to common in the USA, England and right here in the land of Oz (Australia).

The second group, from Okinawa, definitely had no waist fat. They ate a simple traditional diet and kept limber and flexible in body, and using meditative techniques to destress their minds.

The third group of long living people were in California. They engaged very actively in exercise and stuck to a simple, unprocessed diet. The 92 year old lady lifting free weights in the program looked a very fit 65 to me!

What can we learn from these people, concerned as we are about how to get rid of love handles and live as long and as healthily as possible without excess waist fat?

How to live to 101

You may come from a family with a genetic predisposition to longevity – but you must keep fit to give yourself the best chance of success. Don’t waste your natural advantage. Use it or lose it.

Anyone, regardless of genetics can choose to eat a simple, mainly unprocessed diet (the Okinawans who migrated to Hawaii for example, and took on a more fatty, deep fried western diet lost their longevity and health advantages).

Fruit, vegetables and lean meats and/or legumes are definitely the go to fuel your body right. What you eat is only habit and once you develop a simple diet habit, you will never look back.

Develop techniques to destress your mind and your body. You can destress your body with any form of regular brisk exercise – all exercise helps your mind as well.

Have a go at meditation or yoga to develop breathing and coping strategies that take the toxins out of your body and calm your mind.

Hey, don’t knock it till you try it. It definitely works if you are prepared to work with it. And if you really want to live to be 101, you’ve got to start working on a plan right now.

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Announcement: Walk away your Waist Fat

walk to burn waist fat

Come for a short walk with me, Rosie Peters, around my walking circuit.

Yes, it is quite beautiful and inspiring, but even if you are living in a hot, dry, stoney desert or a very dirty city – both of which I’ve done – you have to get walking on a regular basis.

No excuses.

If you can get into a good walking habit, you are going to get rid of love handles, burning your waist fat off forever.

You are going to look and feel great without that ugly ab fat and you will stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

Of course, different body shapes (somatotypes) need different degrees of cardio in your workout week.

To find out more about your body type and how much walking you need to do to get rid of love handles, have a look at the somatotypes page in my website.

Meanwhile, take just a couple of minutes to come for a short walk with me to burn your waist fat.

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Announcement: No End to Oprah’s Waist Fat Woes

OMG, I just opened an (unsolicited) email for a waist fat blasting product apparently endorsed by none other than the chubby but charming Oprah Winfrey.

I tell you what, if Oprah is pinning her waist fat burning hopes on Acai berry products like those I’ve been offered today, she is going to be sorely disappointed – and not for the first time, I gather.

In this email, I was promised that the Acai berry product would burn my waist fat, increase my metabolism, fix my bad moods, give me confidence, cleanse and detoxify me, give me energy, better sex and a clean colon.

Well, what more could a girl desperate to lose waist fat ask for?

How about a bit of honesty.

I have been promised that this little pill is a natural ab fat blaster, with no side effects.

I am told I do not have to change my diet or do any exercise.

It is hinted to me that a famous US celebrity endorses this product (but she’s still quite uncomfortably overweight, right? Hmmm…)

I am told a pack of lies.

Now, Oprah may or may not be involved with this manufacturer and if she is, I can see exactly why she is having no luck in losing her waist fat and keeping it off. Though I know little of Oprah, being an ignorant non daytime TV watching Aussie sheila, I do know that Oprah is a well respected celebrity and a famous yo yo dieter who tends to rely on short cuts and excuses as an integral part of her regular (lack of) fitness program.

If you are delivered of a magic acai berry email endorsed by Oprah, save your money, even if it seems cheap. These people are the new travelling medicine show and once they make their money they will rush out of town before anyone can catch them.

The only way this type of product works is if you put it on top of a hill 5km away and go out every morning and evening to get your tablet, taking a salad sandwich and an apple with you for sustainance.

oprahs waist fat woes

If you want to get rid of love handles as fast as possible, you have to learn how to eat and exercise for your body type. This will increase your metabolism, clean your colon and detoxify your body quite naturally and reasonably quickly without any uncomfortable or embarassing side effects.

Your moods will also become more positive and its highly likely someone nice will want to have regular sex with you.

And the cost? A bit of time, effort and commitment on your part to get rid of love handles. No bitter pills to swallow.


If you need a bit of encouragement and advice, download my 5 simple steps to fat loss to get you on the right track right now. It won’t cost you a cent.

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